The versatility of Wavin plastic pipes:

adapting a ventilation system to be installed underground

When Wavin Norway was contacted by Skorve Entreprenør AS to deliver Wavin DN1800 pipes as ventilation pipes installed underground for a new school in Kongsberg, they were excited to embark on such a dynamic, new project. In fact, an underground ventilation system (UVS) actually optimizes the use of space and eliminates the need for indoor ducts by placing the ventilation system in the ground. It’s an ideal application for schools, hospitals, factories and commercial buildings. Read more to learn what a UVS – done right – really looks like.



 The magestic Wavin DN1800 en route to the site.

Wavin’s stellar reputation brings new business

 Wavin Norway was contacted by Werner Øverland, Site Manager at Skorve Entreprenør AS, asking if we could deliver our DN1800 pipes as ventilation pipes installed in the ground. This would be for the installation of a pipeline from the outside intake/exhaust towers, which would provide air into the aggregates placed in a technical room in the basement. The project is a new school, Vestsiden Skole, in Kongsberg. Werner immediately thought of Wavin for the project because he had a good experience when he worked with us (and our XL pipes) while at his former company.  


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