"Power Through Empowerment"

By Spencer Wright - Owner of PVC

In my capacity as owner of PVC I worked to the point of overload, resultant stress and private life disruption for fifteen years, always striving for a prosperous tomorrow, but sacrificing the quality of those today's.

Three years ago my sister and I took the decision to employ, empower and reward to a new level; bolstering an already strong team. 

Our desire was primarily, quality time for our families rather than business growth. 

Interestingly today I can report that in that time the incredible team have not only provided us with that time but surpassed all expectations and wishes in their ability to strengthen and grow our company. 

The business has doubled in size, improved its offerings and most importantly become such a wonderful place to work. The culture is stronger and more fun than ever.  The future is a lovely shade of Green!

Thank you for your interest in our company.